Thanks for your interest in volunteering!
Your investment of time can change someone's life forever!

We value the health of our ministry programs and our volunteers. We want your volunteer service to be "enthusiastically sustainable." We do not want any volunteer to burn out or to be so depleted that they no longer can serve out of the abundance of their heart. We want to protect the opportunity of all volunteers to get "filled up" and attend a weekly service. As a result, all volunteers will serve one service and attend one service weekly—or serve all worship services a maximum of both services one weekend per month.

Additionally, volunteer service commitments are on-call or by semester. This means you can serve during the fall semester, but chose to take the summer semester off. We will always ask, but you have full permission to say "no" at any time without feeling guilty. (Guilt is a lousy motivator and we want all volunteers to have joy in serving.)

Part of finding joy in serving is being in the right spot at the right time at the right pace. Feel free to try-out serving in mulitple areas until you find the volunteer area that fits you. We are all SHAPED to serve. Spiritual Gifts, Heart, Abilities, Passion, and Experiences all SHAPE the area of service where we can best add value. Sometimes finding our calling for service requires a litlle trial and error. 

In order to protect our "safe-fun-and-meaningful" enviorments, all volunteers who work with children and/or minors are required to be fingerprint-background checked at our expense. 

Please fill out the form below. We will contact you for the areas that you are interested in. 

Areas at Shadow Rock Church you can volunteer…

Care Team
A ministry that will make a lasting impact by providing a compassionate response to sickness, grief, and life change. From visitation, to prayer and support, our care team is a crucial part of representing the heart of Shadow Rock church.
Kids Ministry
We make sure our children’s ministry is of the highest quality both with it’s staffing and environment. Our Teachers, Assistants, and Administration volunteers provide our children with the ultimate care and education.
Creative Team
Our creative team plays an important role in first impressions for Shadow Rock. From the worship band players, to singers, media, sound, drama, and prayer partners, all members are a valuable part of the creative experience.
Experience Team
Experience Team volunteers are serving in roles that will often be the key impression left behind of a church with a first-time guest. We love to have volunteers who are passionate about helping attenders have a positive experience.
Help Team
Helps team members are the backbone support for Shadow Rock to have successful events.  This includes set up, cleaning, decorating, and administrative help - all necessary to conduct events to serve our community. 
Youth Ministry
Shadow Rock Student Ministries (SRSM) is a weeklyl 6th-12th grade youth group held every Sunday evening at Shadow Rock Church. SRSM helps students connect with God and develop fun life-giving friendships.  
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